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The Niwot Loop | Niwot Trails

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The Niwot Loop is a 6.5 mile trail around Niwot that connects to the Longmont to Boulder Regional Trail System.

As the name suggests, the trail loops around Niwot with easy access from just about every home.

The views of the Rockies are spectacular and you’ll love the peaceful tranquility of the rural fields and cottonwood tree lanes.

Niwot Loop Trail System

There are three trailheads, including a picnic area at the Left Hand Valley Grange Trailhead and temporary restroom facilities at the main Niwot Loop Trailhead on 79th Ave.

The trail is open to hikers, dogs (check leash laws), bicycles and horses (some sections restricted).

The trail also connects to the regional bike path that runs all the way to Denver.

Niwot Loop Trail and Open Space

Boulder County is serious about managing trails and has a developed a Niwot Trails Master Plan.

Niwot Loop Looking West From Somerset Estate
Niwot Loop Trail Looking North Near Niwot High School
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