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Why It Works


We Do The Heavy Lifting

Owlio works for agents because we generate real estate business.

We generate business by taking care of all the heavy lifting that agents don’t want to do – the technology, marketing, lead generation and lead conversion – and then refer qualified buyers and sellers to our exclusive agent partner. 

We do all the lead generation and conversion work by building communities of homeowners who trust us to help them with many of their most important real estate decisions, including when it comes time to buy or sell.

Our agents don’t need to worry about anything except closing the deal.

We create expert content that local homeowners want and search for online. 

We’re true neighborhood experts who share the most important information and resources about owning a home and living in a local area.

We place the expert content inside a membership area that is free for local homeowners.

We help homeowners manage, maintain and improve their homes. 

We don’t just show up at the end when it’s time to buy or sell but rather build a long-term, deep relationship with our community of homeowners. 

It starts the day the homeowner moves into the neighborhood. From day one we make them part of our family by being there every step of the way through the lifecycle of being a homeowner. 

Homeowners are invited to join our local community portal.

Real Estate Search

Property Portal

We build a private real estate portal for neighborhoods, with a listing page for every local property (not just homes for sale).

We launch each portal with public real estate data and then gradually add proprietary data. 

Homeowners love the property portal because it allows them to see all the public data about every home in town. 

We love the property portal because it allows us to connect with homeowners long before they hire a Realtor to sell their home.

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We spend all our time working on building community and owning each neighborhood. 

It can takes years of hard work and nurturing relationships, but we’re willing to do it because in the end it’s worth it.


"I love my neighborhood portal. It's the first place I go to get local information and a quick solution to a household question."
Jo Ann Schop


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