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Take advantage of our access to pre and off market real estate deals to buy or partner with other local investors.

How It Works

Watch the 2-minute video to learn how you can get access to the best real estate investment opportunities in Town. 

Local Real Estate Investment

You Already Know The Market!

It probably goes without saying but f you own a home, then by default, you’re already a real estate investor.

That’s why it makes sense to understand the local real estate market and stay on top of how it’s performing, ¬†where it’s going and how it impacts your home value.

It’s also why, if you like the local market, it makes sense to invest in another local investment property

Our business is to know the local market better than anyone. We can help you find the best investment deals by connecting you with pre-market and off market homes not yet on the MLS. We can also connect you with fellow local investors looking to partner on a local deal.

Real Estate Investment Insights


Do You Have Investment Deals?

Yes, we have access to a number of local pre and off market homes that the owner is willing to sell but has not yet listed on the MLS. 

Can I Partner With Other Investors?

Yes, we can help you connect and partner with other local investors. Sometimes it makes more sense to partner in a deal or even spread your risk over a number of deals as you build your real estate investment portfolio.

How Do You Find Investment Deals?

The whole purpose of the local property exchange is to make it as easy as possible for neighbors to buy or sell their homes to neighbors. Homeowners “pre-list” their homes on the exchange as they know that we relentlessly build and manage a buyer list of local buyers and investors and that were can connect them to a qualified buyer.

What About The Paperwork?

We can assist you with as much or as little help as you need with the transaction. This includes any paperwork and any help you need managing the deal to closing or managing the partnership with other investors.

Is the A Fee?

There’s no fee to register as an investor. There may be a fee or commission if you hire a Realtor, property manager or attorney.

What's The First Step?

You need to reach out and let us know what you want and we’ll set up a conversation about how we can help.

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