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Upper Niwot

Luxury Homes in Upmarket Neighborhoods with large lots and exceptional views of the Rockies.

$825K - $2.5MM

$ 40 M
Median Value
per SQFT
1 %
Annual Appreciation
$ 40 K
Median Value
$ 150
3 %

The scoop

Upper Niwot covers the Eastern side of town, and as the name suggests, rises up the hill to look west towards the Boulder Valley and the Rocky Mountains.

The area is the newer area of Niwot and consists of mainly of large luxury homes on large lots – and exceptional views.

The Lifestyle

Upper Niwot has all the trappings of a luxury community with excellent privacy, quiet and views. There's easy access to the outdoors and the extensive Niwot and Boulder County trail system. It's friendly, neighborly and has a great community feel and lifestyle.

The Neighbors

Wealthy families and retirees. Your neighbors will be friendly, polite and will often be captains of industry and Boulder County social elite - without the snobbery and pretension.

The Market

Upper Niwot has always been a relatively slower moving market as most homes are in the $1.5MM range. At this price point there is competition with Boulder (and the Boulder lifestyle) as well as with larger rural lots and homes.

Local Notes

Despite the limit of vacant land in Niwot, there is still a number of buildable lots in Upper Niwot. The Boulder County Cpmprehensive Plan has limited the area and growth of Niwot and buildable lot inventory is rapidly decreasing.


Commercial, Retail & Offices

Sights & Sounds of Upper Niwot

Around Upper Niwot

Neighborhood Map

Neighborhood Video

Niwot Neighborhood video by the Niwot Business Association. It’s mainly filmed around Downtown but you get to see some of Upper Niwot.

neighborhood spotlight

123 Downtown Street

from $995,950

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Bill Whitener


Bill is the owner of No Assembly Required LLC and the go-to handyman around Niwot.

If Bill can’t do it, he’ll know someone who can.


Lawn Care

Tom Pham provides the fastest no-hassle lawn service you’ve ever seen. Tom provides a limited service menu or cutting, trimming and aerating your lawn and bushes.


Odd Jobs

Rob Gordon is the hardest working man in Boulder County. He does everything – gutters, snow removal, odd jobs, dog walking and pet sitting. If you need a guy for an odd job, he’s the guy! 

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