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Historic Downtown

Enjoy the mix of historic homes and the Old West charm of 2nd Avenue.

$475K - $1.5M

$ 40 M
Median Value
per SQFT
1 %
Annual Appreciation
Year Built
Average Home Size
Average Lot Acres
Active Listings

The scoop

Downtown Niwot is the original town site and includes a number of historic buildings built in the early 1900’s. The town was built as an agricultural and railway depot and the small homes are characteristic of similar small Western towns. 

The downtown area is a mix of commercial and residential and includes the newer Cottonwood Square Commercial area. It’s where you’ll find most of Niwot’s retail, restaurants and office.

The Lifestyle

Take a drive through Downtown and you'll see local residents walking their dogs and strolling over to Second Avenue for a cup of coffee. You'll also see visitors looking for antiques and browsing through the small boutique stores. It's a relaxed and friendly vibe with a real sense of community.

The Neighbors

Each year more of the "old-timers" move on and are replaced by newer residents attracted to the relative affordability of the smaller old homes. This is one neighborhood where everyone knows everyone and there are a number of neighborhood get-togethers.

The Market

Downtown Niwot homes have increased dramatically in value since 2015 with homes now starting around $500K. Downtown is still one of the more affordable areas in terms of price but the small buildings and development limitations make the homes expensive per SQFT.

Local Notes

The entire Downtown area has been zoned NRCD (Niwot Rural Community District). 2nd Avenue is zoned NRCD Commercial and the rest of Downtown is zoned NRCD Residential. The zoning designation impacts future land use and development of the area. In addition, much of 2nd Avenue falls within the Niwot Historic District.


Neighborhood Map

Downtown Niwot & Cottonwood Square Commercial

The drone video from the Niwot Business Association captures the old Downtown area.

neighborhood spotlight

123 Downtown Street

from $995,950

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Bill Whitener


Bill is the owner of No Assembly Required LLC and the go-to handyman around Niwot.

If Bill can’t do it, he’ll know someone who can.


Lawn Care

Tom Pham provides the fastest no-hassle lawn service you’ve ever seen. Tom provides a limited service menu or cutting, trimming and aerating your lawn and bushes.


Odd Jobs - Everything

Rob Gordon is the hardest working man in Boulder County. He does everything – gutters, snow removal, odd jobs, dog walking and pet sitting. If you need a guy for an odd job, he’s the guy! 

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