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Neighborhood Experts

Our Platform

We decided that the best way to compete with tech disruptors and the large real estate portals was to know more about each neighborhood than anyone else.

Not the superficial stuff but the deep stuff that every local really wants to know – which school is the best, can I pop the roof to add a second level, can you recommend a handyman, do I need a permit to add a deck and is it legal to have an Airbnb on my street? 

Stuff that doesn’t seem important until it becomes really important when you’re thinking about doing it.

That’s our mission – to be true neighborhood experts.

Because if you’re a true neighborhood expert you won’t need to worry about the next shiny tech toy or Zillow’s masterplan for world domination.

our Journey

Back To the Community

Hardly a day goes by without the launch of a new real estate model or the next big disruption that will put agents out of business. 

Personally we love reading about all the new stuff. It’s exciting to dig into the best (and worst) ideas from passionate people willing to back their beliefs.

Ironically, all the new ideas took us on a journey back to our roots. It made us refocus and recommit to the fundamental things that are at the core of the real estate business – connecting with our community and helping homeowners manage, maintain and improve their homes.

That’s why we built the first fully integrated neighborhood community platform for homeowners.

The platform allows us to connect with our community by providing expert local content, homeowner advice and a private property portal.

We start by building a sophisticated marketing platform, anchored by a neighborhood membership website, where we invite local residents to join for free. 

We fill the website with expert local content about living in the area, the local lifestyle and all things real estate. 

To encourage locals to register and join the website we place expert local content and real estate data behind a membership wall. 

This requires that local homeowners register (for free) to access the content. When they register they provide us with their contact details and permission to contact them by email, phone or text.

We then match each member to our master real estate list of every home in the neighborhood so that we can identify who owns each home together with their contact details.  

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AGENTS focus on selling

hands free

We don’t need anything from you. We don’t ask for your help with anything up until the time we refer our clients to you. All we ask is that you focus on selling and closing the deal.

Every Home, Every Homeowner

Everything we do to attract homeowners to our neighborhood websites is done with a single goal in mind – to create a single master database of every home, matched with every homeowner, matched with every homeowner’s contact details.

We use the  master database to reach any homeowner, at any time, at no cost, with the push of a button.

All The Heavy Lifting

Years of training Realtors about technology, blogging, social media and digital marketing taught us one important truth – deep down you don’t want to do it.

That’s why we do all the heavy lifting.

We handle all the tech and marketing and deliver a prequalified referral to our exclusive agent partners.


Don't Worry About It

You don’t get paid to worry about the latest technology, building websites or writing beautiful blog posts. That’s our expertise and something you never need to think about again. Never lose sight of the fact that you’re a Realtor, not a technologist, and that you get paid to sell real estate. 

Focus on selling – it’s the only way to grow your real estate business.


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